Automated submission. AI-powered detection. Integrated response

Sandbox security technology

Next-generation AI-powered sandbox with advanced detection, reporting & attack visibility.

Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer is a security solution that enhances the organization posture against sophisticated or targeted attacks through advanced detection and reporting capabilities of elusive, persistent threats that try to penetrate your network.

Delivered as a virtual appliance on-premises, the solution can integrate into your existing security architecture or combine with additional Bitdefender security layers, and can effortlessly scale up as your infrastructure evolves. ler menos
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Funcionalidades e benefícios

Powered by AI, behavioral analytics and threat intelligence

O Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises é uma solução de sandbox da próxima geração que oferece aprendizagem de máquina de última geração, assim como redes neurais e analíticas comportamentais que fornecem uma contenção rápida e precisa.

Built and perfected in-house

Instead of incorporating third-party technologies, which can become discontinued or outdated in time, Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises is built entirely on proprietary Bitdefender technologies and also leverages Bitdefender Advanced Threat Intelligence

Vertical and horizontal scalability

Ran as a virtual appliance, Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer can easily scale up to support increasing streams of data that can be supported by the dedicated hardware host. Virtually unlimited scalability can be achieved by increasing the number of sandbox instances while maintaining a centralized management of the entire sandbox network under a single console (GravityZone).

Integrates with the security architecture in-place

The on-premises sandbox integrates natively with GravityZone and, through API’s, ensures broad integration with with 3rd party security solutions. The integration into the security architecture not only automates the submission of file but also enables autonomous response in case threats are detected.

Detailed visualization & reporting tools

Bitdefender Sandbox Analyzer features a uniquely comprehensive and elegant visualization chart, which delivers a complete view of each detection and its underlying context. It can learn the threat behavior and provide timeline display of the changes it is trying to make to the system, tree graphs, and even a screenshot of the message or error the user views as it is infected – such as the ransomware note.

Extended file support

Bitdefender extends the range of file supported by the sandbox to make the solution effective against a wide range of attack vectors, including malicious applications, document, archives, emails and scripts.

Automatic content selection and submission of files

The solution incorporates a mechanism that singles out suspicious files and eliminates redundant scanning, ensuring that only unknown, relevant files are submitted for analysis. The automatic submission of files is enabled by the built-in network sensors but also through the integration with Gravityzone: automatic submission from the endpoint agent or from the central quarantine.

Custom VM image support to replicate real-life configurations

Multiple golden image support enables admins to emulate different configurations on the sandbox instances, from production to executive golden image configurations, ensuring that any attack that may manifest on your specific configurations or apps will be detected in advance.

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Ficha de dados do Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises


Servidor anfitrião de nova instalação especializado

Servidor anfitrião de nova instalação especializado com uma arquitetura de CPU de x86 (qualquer fabricante de hardware) executado no hipervisor VMware ESXi ou na versão gratuita de ESXi

Mínimo de 2 NIC necessárias por anfitrião

São necessários pelo menos 2 NIC por anfitrião (um por motivos de gestão e outro para a rede de detonação):
— As redes correspondentes aos 2 NIC devem estar isoladas uma da outra
— A rede de detonação deve ter conetividade à Internet

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