Kit de desenvolvimento de software (SDK) antimalware


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Designed for Endpoint, Network, and Cloud Implementation

Protege e remove ameaças de malware

Advanced Malware Protection

A three-layered security model is used to protect users from advanced malware threats. The first layer uses URL filtering, antispam, antiphishing, online threat detection to identify malware before it gets to the device. The second layer uses heuristics, emulation, and generic signatures to identify malware that has not been seen. The third layer monitors file behavior and can quarantine the file if it starts to behave maliciously.

Latest Threat Protection

Using cloud technology has never been easier. Depending on how you configure the Antimalware SDK, you can implement a smaller, lighter antivirus client that will check for unknown or potentially malicious files. Any file that has not been previously scanned and verified by the antivirus engine will be sent to the Antimalware Cloud. A unique hash will be created and checked against the information in the cloud to determine whether the file is infected or not.

Includes Mobile and Mac Malware

All Antimalware Software Development Kits includes detection for mobile malware on platforms, such as: Android, iPhone, Symbian, and Windows Mobile. In addition, the Antimalware SDK will detect Mac malware and is continuously updated as malware continues to increase.

Bitdefender Core Antimalware Software Development Kit

Core Antimalware SDK provides deep integration into an existing or new product. Developers have full control and flexibility over the how the elements are implemented. It is ideal for those who have experience integrating security technologies and already have existing security architecture or a framework for a new security technology.

Bitdefender High-Level Antimalware Software Development Kit

High-Level Antimalware SDK provides access to all of the common features of the Core Antimalware SDK, but minimizes the development effort. It is designed for those organizations that need to implement antivirus security technology, but do not need extensive customization and deep control over specific functions.

Reduce Development Time

Single Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to develop a single integration and use it on multiple platforms which reduce development time. If you need to allow customers to use an older platform, then, in the future, you can migrate users from the older platform to a newer version without a lot of recoding. The common APIs for multiple platforms result in major time and cost savings.

Cross Platform

Software Development Kits works with major operating systems – Windows, Mac, and Linux – as well as major hardware platforms, such as: x86, MIPs, and PowerPC platforms, such as: QorIQ and PowerQuicc.