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Deteta perigos de SPAM

Intelligent Antispam Technology

Bitdefender uses a combination of antispam filtering and predictive technologies to create the Intelligent AntiSpam Technology. Some components are: URL Filtering, Image Filtering, Character Set Filters, Spam URL Real Time Blacklists, and Real Time Blacklists while other components use mathematical probability and other techniques to discern legitimate emails with low false positives.

Cloud Based Antispam Detection

All email messages are sent to the Bitdefender Antispam Cloud to determine whether the file is spam, phishing, or contains malicious links. Prevents spam waves as antispam technologies are constantly updated automatically to provide the latest threat detection.

Flexible Configurations

You can scan emails, files, or scan the memory buffer to determine whether an email is spam, malicious, or legitimate. Antispam SDK allows the user to control the detection rates depending on the results of the previous information. By examining the historical information, the administrator can make changes to the detection threshold.

Light on Resources

Memory and Central Processing Unit (CPU) usage is significantly reduced as all processing is offloading to the Bitdefender Antispam Cloud. In addition, there is no need for signature updates, as all detection is completed in the Antispam Cloud. Thin Client technology allows you to have a small footprint while minimizing the amount of resources used on the device.

Award Winning Performance

Bitdefender’s antimalware engines have been winning awards, but it is not the only product. Bitdefender’s Antispam technology has been awarded 31 consecutive VBSpam certifications and 9 consecutive VBSpam+ certifications since January 2012. To qualify for VBSpam+ certification, you must catch 99.5% of the spam with no false positives – indeed a difficult challenge.