Gigabit Antimalware Performance

Requires little processing power and memory

High Performance Antimalware

Most antimalware engines require the entire file to be available before scanning, but Bitdefender Streamdefender can quickly scan each packet one by one for malware strains. In general, the fastest scanning rate for an antimalware engine is in the range of 500Mb per second with high-end very expensive hardware. With Streamdefender, devices can reach up to 40Gb per second or more.

Low Resource Impact

Many appliances or all-in-one boxes have restricted hardware requirements. Some products have very little capacity for extra processing, memory, or storage. Streamdefender signatures are extremely flexible and can be finely tuned to meet almost any combination of possibilities. Streamdefender scans files as a network stream to reduce latency, memory, and storage requirements.

Prevent Network Malware Outbreaks

Endpoint devices require additional protection from network malware outbreaks. Many endpoint devices may not have the latest antivirus updates and will have a higher likelihood of infection. By reducing malware at the gateway or entry point into the network, you can reduce the amount of malware that can potentially infect endpoints within the network.

Maximizing Options

Streamdefender works together with Bitdefender’s Antimalware SDK to maximize hardware appliance capabilities. Partners can implement both solutions to optimize hardware appliance options. It allows your customers to use the Antimalware scanning engine in normal malware alert status and switch to Streamdefender in high malware alert status so your performance will not slow down when a malware outbreak occurs.