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How to update from a local update server

In order to allow Bitdefender Security for Windows Servers to update from a local update server you need to configure it to allow insecure updates:
  1. Open Bitdefender;
  2. Go to Update and click Settings;
  3. Check Allow insecure updates and click Apply.

Note: the above screenshot highlights only the relevant part of this configuration process: the insecure updates reside on a local update server available on (localhost) on port 10080. You will need to change this information to match your configuration.

If you do not have Bitdefender Security for Exchange or Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers installed on your server then you will not have access to this option from the user interface. In this case you need to open a command prompt session, change the current directory to "%CommonProgramFiles%\SOFTWIN" and run the following commands:

bdsetup setkey "/BDUX/LiveDaemon/UpLocs/update_is_90/AllowInsecureUpdate" "Y"

bdsetup setkey "/BDUX/LiveDaemon/UpLocs/en_fs_24/AllowInsecureUpdate" "Y"

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