Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)

Multiple SDKs and Rebranded Solutions

Android Malware Rising

In 2013, AV-Test recorded 1.7 million unique android malware samples which is a 6x increase from the previous year. Malicious code writer are beginning to shift their focus towards this emerging platform and hackers are beginning to make some strides towards stealing confidential information. Two-factor authentication which was known to stop online criminals is no longer a strong deterrent for these malicious code writers so a combination of different security products will have to address this threat.

Weakest Link

Antimalware security is only as strong as the weakest link. For many organizations, the emerging mobile platform has brought new challenges and headaches. Individuals and organizations are struggling to put measures in place to prevent malicious attacks. However, companies are producing more and more applications to enable people to use mobile devices that interact with business associates, pay for goods, and communicate confidential information.

Disguising Information

There has been a dramatic increase in mobile applications being developed and disguised as fun, innocent programs. Unknowingly, users are downloading innocent looking applications to their mobile devices. These innocuous applications are sending private information that could compromise the users and company information that is stored on these mobile devices. Though some of these applications may not immediately be determined as malicious, some mobile apps are sending unencrypted password information, text messages, or phone number to unknown individuals.

Mobile Antivirus Software Development Kit (SDK)

Mobile Antivirus SDK does not require an Internet connection to identify Android malware or adware. It is ideal for those companies wanting to provide malware scanning without access to the network or connection to the mobile carriers’ network.

Mobile Online Antivirus Software Development Kit (SDK)

Mobile Online Antivirus SDK scans Android applications in the Bitdefender Antimalware Cloud. You can create an On–Demand feature to scan your existing files for malware or you can allow the device to automatically scan any application that has downloaded a file known as On-Access scanning. If the file is malicious, you can provide a warning to the user. They can choose whether to install the application or not. All processing is done at the Bitdefender Cloud which minimizes battery usage and processing power.

Mobile Web Security Software Development Kit (SDK)

Mobile Web Security SDK scans for malicious websites and notifies the user. It will intercept new URLs when a new browser session opens and notifies the user whether the URL is malicious or not.

Mobile Security Rebrand

Bitdefender has a Mobile Security package that is available to those partners who want to quickly provide a mobile solution to their customers and new prospects. It is a quick, easy way to provide a solution to compliment an existing security solution or to provide a private label solution that can leverage the company brand.

Clueful for iOS and Android

In the background, some mobile applications may be sending confidential information to the developers of the program. Bitdefender Clueful allows you to see what types of information - are being shared with mobile application vendors before it is installed into a mobile device. There are over a hundred elements that are being identified within Bitdefender Clueful to help you determine whether it is sending confidential information or not.